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We will invite you to share your experiences of adventure climbing the summit of Mount Batur and enjoy the beauty of the stunning and amazing natural scenery.
With Guide Guides who are skilled and have enough experience, we will take you around Mount Batur and show you where the most beautiful and comfortable and will not be forgotten so that you will probably come a second time.

Mount Batur is the most active mountain in Bali, from 1800 until now it has erupted more than 26 times. The most devastating eruption of Mount Batur occurred around 1917 and 1926, and the last eruption of Mount Batur was 2000 but not too large.

Mount Batur has a height of 1717 meters above sea level. This mountain is flanked by large mountain mountains, namely Gunung Abang (2153 m), Mount Agung (3142 m), Bukit Kintamani (1550 m) and Bukit writing.

Next to it is a lake that has an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 16 square kilometers, has a depth of about 88 m. This lake is called lake batur (crater lake). As for places of interest that are interesting around this place is a tour of hot water, sulfur-containing water which has a temperature of about 30-35 degrees Celsius. It is possible for you to take a bath and swim after you have finished climbing Mount Batur.

Other tourist attractions are the Trunyan Traditional Village tour which has a unique tradition and culture where the bodies of local residents are not buried or burned, but are only placed on the ground under a sacred tree called the Taru Menyan Tree, how unique the corpses are odorless. (this visit is not included).
After that we will go through the trail up the mountain through the valleys and hills and of course through the roads and safe places so it will not endanger your safety.

02.00 Hotel pickup drive directly To starting point
3:00 for breakfast chocolate pancakes and any of the tea or coffee.
04.00 you wil be accompanied by a licensed trekking organization guide to assist you with your ascent of around 2 hours from bottom to peak.
06.00 Mt Batur on arrival will be served with a packed breakfast and egg cooked in the volcano while you wait for the sunrise.
9:00 After in the climb back To the hotel.
Price of 50 dollars per pax.

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  • 1 Pax= 50 USD

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