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Continuing the journey south of the island of Bali we start with the village of Mengwi. This village has a beautiful place called PURA TAMAN AYUN. This temple was once a sacred temple built by the Mengwi royal family which at that time ruled a king named I Gusti Agung Putu, built around 1634. This temple was surrounded by a river which was then made into a reservoir to accommodate river water and rain which could utilized by farmers to irrigate rice fields and fields. This place is protected by the local government and also the Unesco world association since 2012. This temple has a lot of temple buildings and worship that line up very beautifully starting from levels 1,2,3,5,7,9 and 11. After that we continue the journey to the village of ALAS KEDATON, this village has a fairly large forest inhabited by thousands of monkeys. The ape ape that occupies this place is only one type of ape, namely makaka. They have lived from centuries ago. This forest is a tropical forest that has dozens of types of plants and trees that are old and rare that we can only find in this place. And this forest is also inhabited by thousands of very large bats which we call Kalong. For visitors, it is forbidden to wear jewelry and objects of interest or food that can be taken by monkeys such as glasses, hats and luggage wrapped in plastic bags. Then we continue the journey a little further towards PURA TANAH LOT. This temple was built around the 16th century by a Hindu priest from Java named Danghyang Nirarta. He traveled from the island of Java to the island of Bali then found a plain on the edge of the sea and built a temple, then he also left his waistband which instantly turned into a sea snake. The holy snake snake that we believe is the temple guard snake. From this place you can also watch the sunset in the ocean which is very beautiful when the weather supports.

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